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The Leading Plastic Bag Manufacturer in

Western United States

Proudly Made in the United States

Who we Are

Durabag Co. is a manufacturing company that will work closely with customers on their packaging needs. We use high quality materials from our trusted suppliers and manufacture our products here in southern California.

What we make

  • Plastic T-Shirt Bags

  • Reusable T-Shirt Bags

  • Reusable Wavetop Bags

  • Handle Seal Bags

  • Merchandise Bags

  • Produce Rolls

  • Trash Can Liners

  • Clear Film Bags 

Environmentally conscious 

Durabag Co. aims to provide customers with the best quality packaging without sacrificing our environment. 


Please Reduce, Reuse, Recycle  



Durabag Co. was established in 1985 in Tustin, California with the mission to provide customers with the highest quality packaging solutions at the most cost effective price. The company has been passed down three generations and continues to break standards every year. Through our proven history and reputation, Durabag Co. has been the reliable supplier to many supermarket and retail chain customers for over 30 years

Durabag Co. manufactures a wide array of packaging solutions to fit everyone's need. From standard T-Shirt bags to custom printed reusable plastic bags, we will work with our customer until they are satisfied with our products. We strive to provide quick turnaround times and the highest quality to develop a long relationship with our customers. 



1432 Santa Fe Dr.

Tustin, CA 92780

Tel: 714-259-8811

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