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Plastic T-Shirt Bags

Durabag Co. specializes in creating the perfect T-shirt bag for you. We carry a variety of standard T-shirt bags that varies in size and thickness. If you would like a custom print of your logo on the bag, please feel free to call us and we would be more than happy to help. 

Reusable T-Shirt Bags

If you are looking for a certified reusable T-shirt bag that can be used over 125 times, we carry generic printed bags in a variety of colors. We can also fully customize a bag with your logo for your business. 

Reusable Wavetop Bags

These wavetop bags are stylish bags that can carry anything from groceries to your local takout. They are strong enough to hold a substantial amount of  weight over and over again. Let us know if you are interested in creating a custom wavetop bag for your business.

Produce Rolls

Durabag makes produce rolls for every grocery needs. We have a variety of sizes and packaging. 

Trash Can Liners

Durabag makes trash can liners at an affordable price. They are made with thick high density material and come in black or clear. 

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